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Guess Who’s Back?!

How does that trending sound on TikTok go? “I took over a year off but tell a friend she’s back” Well guess that perfectly describes me!

Since I haven’t posted a single blog post since like December of 2020, you might be wondering why now. Well, burnout is a real thing, add in something like a Pandemic, moving, and lack of inspiration, and you get a blog that once again goes to the corner of the internet to gather dust.

Now, I haven’t been totally dormant during my time away. I focused more on growing my social media (to mixed results), hosted a few streaming programs, and kept visiting Disney parks, oh and I started a full-on boutique with my cousin (check us out here 😉).

So why now, why this blog (again)? Well TBH I missed blogging. I want to rebuild a presence on the internet. I want to share all my tips for traveling to theme parks, share my favorite products that have made traveling so much easier, and of course my personal style.

You might notice a section called “Theme Park Reporter”, this is because I want to start sharing theme park news. Now yes, there are several blogs and sites 100% dedicated to ALL of the Disney, Universal, etc news, this won’t be that. Those are great resources for everything big and small. I’m focusing on the big stuff. Think Mickey’s Not So Scary, Oogie-Boogie Bash, Halloween Horror Nights, Mickey’s Very Merry, all the EPCOT festivals, etc.

So if you’re new, welcome! If you’re a returning follower, thank you for sticking with me. They say the 3rd time is the charm so let’s see how this goes…again.

XOXO, Misti