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TV | I Wouldn’t Call Myself a #Hearties but….


This is the story about how Tammy (the cousin) and I became When Calls the Heart fans….

It all started during the last week of 2016, my cousin and I had just finished binge watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and needed something new to watch for the rest of the week. As we scrolled through Netflix, a little Hallmark Channel show kept popping up called When Calls the Heart. At first we ignored it, then I recalled my mom watching this show on my last visit to Denver and I said “hey my mom likes that show, maybe we should watch it”.  We were Alice and When Calls the Heart was the White Rabbit and we quickly fell down that rabbit hole.

The next thing we knew we were totally invested in this series based off the Janette Oke novel of the same name set in Canadian Frontier in the 1910 era. I believe we just kept saying “kiss him” or “kiss her” to the two main characters who clearly were moving to slow for our taste and have come to the agreement that Mountie Jack would be more comfortable with his shirt off and his hair messed up.  It was somewhere in the middle of our binge of season 1 that we looked at each other and damn, this is actually a good show and then we quickly blamed my mother for this (a blame she gladly accepts BTW).

As our binge sessions went on, we grew more invested in the lives of Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing), and the people of Hope Valley. We knew we were goners when we stayed up till 2am to finish season 2 then spent another 30-minutes hunting down where to watch season 3 and the new Christmas special. Turns out season 3 is only available for purchase on Amazon so we did something we rarely do, we purchased the season plus the Christmas special. Yes, we were so far down that rabbit hole that we couldn’t wait a few more weeks for last season to pop into Netflix

Tammy and I admitted defeat, we confessed our new show addiction to her husband along with the disclaimer “We blame Misti’s/my mom, it’s all her fault”. As the week grew to close so did our binge sessions. We literally ended 2016 by popping open a bottle of bubbly and watching the Christmas special and yelling “OMG he why didn’t he purpose” to the screen. We were in full on Heartie wonderland, whether we admit it or not.


Now we sit here and wait for February 19th with season 4 officially kicks off, thankfully I will be back in town for a visit that weekend and we will start the cycle all over again.


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