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#StyleVibes The Perfect Boyfriend…Jean

Jeans and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of them but they tend to hate me, thus finding a pair that I like enough to wear out of the house let alone rarely happens. However this past weekend the style gods took pity on me and gave me what is a pretty damn good pair of jeans.

My hunt started last Thursday when in a rush to pack for a weekend trip I pretty grabbed the first pair of jeans my hands touched. I don’t usually wear jeans so all them just usually sit in a stack, but I needed a pair to go with my #TeamCap look for Captain America: Civil War. It turns out that the pair I packed not only fit horribly but also had too much stretch, so the more I walked the more they sagged and bagged, not cute.

Since I only had leggings packed, I decided I needed to make a pit stop at Lane Bryant, I mean I usually have the best denim luck there. I am not kidding when I say that I grabbed the first pair of boyfriend jeans my hands touched, found a size 26 and hit the dressing room. Normally boyfriend jeans are a little tight in the knee and/or thigh areas but this pair seemed to be just loose enough, plus they looked good with my slip-on Keds.

Again, I’m not a huge denim girl but you can expect to see me rocking their boyfriend jeans all summer long!




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