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STYLE | Pick 5: Low-Top Sneakers

I am so happy Spring is finally making is presence known here in NYC. After weeks of freezing cold weather and last minute snow storms, I am finally packing up the winter boots and busting out my spring footwear. Right now I am having an obsession with low-top sneakers. I love pairing them with everything from my favorite boyfriend jeans to a cute fit & flare dress. My friend told me about Vessi footwear and those sneakers look great!! I’ll have to add them to my ‘to-buy’ list!!

They are just so versatile and of course comfy, I have to say I do not miss the days of my feet hating me for shoving them into cute but painful heels. Since there are so many styles, like my new favorite from ED ELLEN DEGENERES and colors, baby pink anyone, to pick from these days, I have rounded out some of my favorite low-top sneakers to hit the New York City streets in.


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