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Say Goodbye to Easy Next-Day Streaming from ABC

A new year means a new game change in the ever evolving online streaming games TV networks like to play.  The most recent player: ABC.  It was announced that starting on Monday, January 6 ABC will change up how they offer their hit shows like Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, and more via their ABC Watch Live service on abc.go.com.

The new rules are as simple as they are annoying. Starting on January 6th in order to watch the most recent episodes of a show you must sign in with either a valid cable subscription or a Hulu Plus account.  IF you don’t have either of these you will have to wait 8 days to watch said episode.  This is very similar to other models that are currently out there for other networks.  Current cable companies that are participating include AT&T U-verse,Cablevision Optimum,Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox Communications, Google Fiber, Midcontinent,and Verizon FiOS. 

What can you do if you’re cable company is not listed above? Sadly the options are limited.  You can either get 1. Wait a week till the shows become available 2. Purchase the episode via iTunes or Amazon or 3. Get a Hulu Plus subscription.  ABC has stated they are working on adding more cable companies to their list of providers.  You can also check to see if you cable provider offers the show via their own On-Demand platform which will still be available.

You can get more information on this change at ABC.com



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