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In The Press: Seen and Heard


Misti featured as a Style Ambassador for Catherine’s – 1.19.17 – Looks by Misti // Wellness with Catherines

Misti featured on Top 100 Style 2.2.17 – Style Blogger: Misti Michelle

Misti featured in Plus Model Magazine/SimplyBe Swimwear Video 6.29.17 – #SimplyLoveMyBody Swimwear Video

Misti featured in Plus Model Magazine 8.22.17#TheNewSkinny 


Misti Schindele quoted on TheBerry.com – 2.8.16 – 16 ways to save cash on your beauty routine

Misti’s tweet featured on Mashable about Heidi Klum’s Oscar’s 2016 Gown

Misti quoted on TheBerry.com – 3.3.16 – 20 life-changing beauty products under $20

Misti featured on Plus Model Mag – 3.11.16 – Our Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

Misti quoted on YourTango.com – 3.23.16 – 10 VERY Honest Women Reveal The First Time They Were Ever Called Fat

Misti featured on Val’s Vanity – 6.9.16 – Show Your Stash 

Misti featured on XOVain.com – 8.2.16 – 10 Priceless Style Lessons I Learned from Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

Misti quoted on A Girl Named PJ – 7.29.16 – 9 beauty writers share their favorite lipsticks on National Lipstick Day

Misti featured on Refinery29 – 9/26/16 – 67% Project 

Misti featured on JetsetJustine.com – 10.4.16 – THE 10 BEST EMERGING BLOGGERS WITH UNDER 10K FOLLOWERS

Misti featured on Refinery29 – 10/12/16 – Confidence-Boosting Tips From Your Favorite Plus Bloggers

Misti quoted on The Adventure – 11/9/16 – 18 Blogger-Approved Beauty Products From Around the World



Misti Schindele quoted on IFB.com – 1.13.2015 – Blogger Tips for Surviving Winter Photo Shoots!

Misti’s style post featured on both the Lane Bryant official Facebook Page & Instagram Page.

Misti Schindele featured in Heaven Has Heels NYFW Day 1 Street Style Picks

Tweet from Misti featured during the DKNY Fall 2015 NYFW Runway Show 

Misti’s style once again featured on the official Lane Bryant Instagram page.

Misti Schindele was ranked one of Fohr Card’s Top 5 Influencers during NYFW for her DKNY Coverage.

Misti Schindele’s photo can be seen in the New York Times article about The DryBar.

Misti Schindele @entertainsita featured on Mashable

Misti Schindele quoted in the Eloquii Blog about Independent Women.

Misti Schindele featured in Elite Daily article #RockTheCrop: Women Fire Back After Blatant Fat Shaming In Oprah Mag

Misti Schindele @entertainista featured on Brit.co

Misti Schindele @entertainista featured on Cosmopolitan UK

Misti Schindele @entertainista featured on BuzzFeed

Misti Schindele featured on BuzzFeed in their This Is What Curvy Actually Looks Like article.

Misti Schindele featured in Plus Model Magazine October ’15 issue, What Does Loving Your Body Mean to You article.


Guest blog post featured on the Tumblr page for the Vampire Academy Movie – 1.09.14 Entertainista explains how to look stylish yet kick-ass.

Misti Schindele quoted on The Luxury Spot – 1.27.2013 – Beauty Destinations You Need to Know About

NYFW Street Style – 2.06.14 on Socialbliss.com

NYFW Street Style – 2.11.14 on WeWomen.com here & here

Misti Schindele quoted on Today.com – 4.04.2014 – Beauty blunder horror stories.

Misti Schindele quoted on The Luxury Spot – 4.04.2014 – The Best Warm Weather Hairstyles: Told by Top Bloggers

Misti Schindele featured on Today.com/iVillage – 4.19.2014 – Best concealers for every under-eye problem? Beauty pros share favorites

Misti Schindele quoted on The Luxury Spot – 7.25.2014 – 8 American Cities to See Before You Die

Misti Schindele quoted on The Luxury Spot – 9.22.2014 – Top Editors Weigh In: Best of Fall Beauty

Misti Schindele interviewed by Beauty Creatives – 10.17.2014

Misti Schindele quoted on LG USA Blog – 11.7.2014 – Dangerous curves ahead

Misti Schindele interviewed for Josie Guardado’s PR Podcast – 11.10.2014

Misti Schindele quoted on Daily Makeover – 11.20.2014 – 10 Killer Beauty Hacks You Can Pull Off Using Salt

Misti Schindele quoted on Beauty High – 11.26.2014 – 8 Beauty Editors Share Their Holiday Travel Beauty Must-Haves

Misti Schindele quoted on The Luxury Spot – 11.26.2014 – 12 Tokens of Love to Share This Season

Misti Schindele quoted on Beauty High – 12.26.2014 – 10 Editors Share Their New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


Gwynnie Bee5.26.13 Blog Post

Misti Schindele Quoted on TheLuxurySpot.com7.1.13 Pitching Bloggers Requires Etiquette, Obviously

Misti Schindele is a featured Blogger on Gwynnie Bee Blog Style Matter Series – 8.06.13 – Tall Styles 

Misti Schindele interviewed for Fashion Trends Show Podcast – 9.05.13 – Fall Fashion & Trends

Misti Schindele featured on eONE’s Eric Apler’s blog – 9.29.13 – Music Industry’s Most Loved Albums

Misti Schindele quoted in October Issue of Heaven Has Heels Magazine – 10.2.2013 – What Accessory Makes You Feel Beautiful 

Misti Schindele interviewed for VitaFavo.com – 10.25.2013 – Getting to Know “The Entertainista”: Misti Schindele

Misti Schindele quoted in StartupFashion.com – 10.30.2013 – What Every Emerging Designer Should Know About Advertising

Featured in Yahoo! Best of Tweets – 12.5.2014 – ‘The Sound of Music’ Live Blog: These are a Few of Our Favorite Tweets


Heaven Has HeelsHoliday 2012 Issue

DKNY.comHoliday 2012 Issue


DNAinfo.comNew York Fashion Week Interview

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