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#OOTD | Where I’ve Been

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I’m back.

I mean I never really went away but you might have noticed that all my content over the two-months or so has revolved around YouTube and beauty. Where did my style posts go. No, I didn’t decide to focus on beauty 100% nor did I give-up on personal style. I was taking a pretty much doctor ordered rest. So grab some popcorn and get ready for the (promised) tale of what exactly happened.

The summer started off well enough. I had looks planned, photo sessions booked, etc. Then I started have knee issues around the end of June, it was horrible but I had to take it a little easy. I went on a mini-vacation and by the time I got back and celebrated my birthday, I could barely bend my left knee. While I should’ve stayed in and done a full rest, I wasn’t going to let a little knee pain keep me down, so I grabbed a cane and hobbled myself to the hair salon to get my roots done. BIG MISTAKE. While editing some videos, I went to grab my laptop charger and heard/felt a pop in my knee followed by all the pain, like ALL the pain.

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Keep in mind we are only at the 2nd week of July. After icing my knee for the rest of the weekend it became clear that I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I worked from home for the next week, canceled all events for the next two weeks and my pre-planned photo sessions. I could barely put weight on my leg and needed a crutch to walk. After a few weeks the swelling went but the pain stayed. My leg was either in a brace or wrapped in KT Tape, neither of which looked good with any of the looks I wanted to style and show everyone, let alone I could barely stand without assistance.

This was when I made the choice after consulting with my doctor back home, I needed to put a hold on my styling posts and let my knee heal. It wasn’t worth me twisting it the wrong way or falling all in the name of getting the perfect shot. I canceled pretty much all events, photo shoots, etc that I could and barely left my apartment.  I threw all my energy into YouTube. In fact, it got to the stage where I was suffering from paranoia and had apartment complex security installed. The security solution I got was fantastic, but I couldn’t help but feel like mentally I was degrading to a state of unnecessary fear – all caused by an accident. I would sit and watch the home camera system day and night, and refuse to go sleep out of fear something would come near my apartment.

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Now, a little over 2 months since the ordeal started my knee is FINALLY (fingers crossed) starting to heal. I’m down to just wearing KT Tape a few days a week and using a quad-cane for as-needed support. This means I can slowly start getting back to doing my I love.

It’s been hard this summer, wanting to get up and style an outfit and show off some amazing plus-size style but knowing I couldn’t. I really do enjoy getting up and styling fun looks and sharing them with everyone. I’m sure I lost a view readers/followers but for those that have stayed with me, I thank you. I love you all and I hope you love all the looks and content I have planned for the rest of the year.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Choker Bodysuit: Ashley Stewart // Culottes: Lane Bryant // Sandal: Rockport // Handbag: Henri Bendel // Sunglasses: Henri Bendel

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset



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  1. September 14, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    So glad you are feeling better and love this outfit. Very flattering and shows of your stylish self!

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