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Note from the Editor: Why I Won’t Be Watching Red Band Society

Starting this week, season and series TV premieres will be gracing our television screens (and we’ll have out thoughts on the best and worst later this week).  One of the most buzzed about shows is the new FOX drama Red Band Society that stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Dave Annabel.  The show follows a group of kids that have all been issued red hospital bands, meaning they are part of the pediatric ward.

I’ve read lots of reviews on the show, with some critics calling it The Breakfast Club for this generation, and in fact I’ve been sitting on the press screener all summer long.  I just cannot bring myself to watch it, because this show and its premise its too close to home.  Its the same reason why I cannot read or watch The Fault in Our Stars and why reading My Sisters Keeper was a huge mistake.  I lost one of my best friends and cousin to cancer.

There are moments in life that shape us into who we will be, my moment came at 7:42pm on July 9, 1997, it pushed me to question lots of things but also pushed me to no longer sit back and just dream.  That moment was when my cousin finally lost his battle to Ewing Sarcoma bone cancer.  He spent most of his short life in and out of wards, lost his leg to the disease, but he never once lost his thrill of life and lived every moment to its fullest. He taught me to not be afraid of being different or liking fashion, movies, music, and TV shows more than sports or cooking, he helped me to learn to be myself.

You might be asking yourself, why am I telling you this.  Well besides being asked my thoughts and opinions on this freshman drama, its because I found myself sitting at home once again looking at the screener, willing myself to push play, and instead found myself typing these words. So while I’m sure Red Band Society is good show, I just cannot bring myself to be re-live moments of my past when I would visit my cousin in wards the show is based off.





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