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LIFESTYLE | Getting a “Scent” Ahead for Fall

I will happily admit that Fall is my favorite season. Sure I like summer since that is when my birthday is but once that day passes I am all about fast forwarding to when the leaves change, there is a crispness in the air and I can swap out all my maxi dresses for boots and scarfs.

Then there are fall scents, I’m talking about apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, chai, etc. I love coming home to a house that smells like all the classic Fall cliches. Now while I could make apple cider or pumpkin pie everyday to achieve these scents, I don’t have that kinda time so this is where I love, love, LOVE candles.

To me candles are the little bow on the fall season, so why not share some of my favorite, new and old, candles that I’ll be sure to be lighting up now that it is officially September.


I was first introduced to this candle like 5+ years ago and it is my Fall staple. I buy at least three every year in all the sizes: 3-wick for my living room, classic for my bedroom and votive for my bathroom/kitchen. I also have the reed diffuser for my office where lighting candles is frowned upon. I also have Home Automation tools and lighting to help control the lighting when the candles are in use.


I picked up this scent recently during one of B&BW sales and how they managed to capture a perfect Autumn day with scents of apples and figs with eucalyptus leaf and fir balsam I will never know. I cannot wait to settle down with a good book and this candle burning away on a lazy Sunday morning.


This scent is rather new to my little Fall candle collection, I picked it up last year at random, but it has become a favorite. I love to light this scent when company is over or during brunch. The mix of Mediterranean almond and vanilla mixed with notes of apple, peach, coconut milk, amber, musk and patchouli make for a blend that is delightful but does not overpower the senses.


I won’t even lie and say that I did not just pick up this candle because it said “Hello Fall” on the jar, because I totally did. It just so happens that I the scent was amazing as well since it’s just the Leaves scent is fun packaging. This is just a classic fall scent of apples, golden nectar, and clove spice. I feel like if this scent came in liquid form and was served hot I would drink it in a heartbeat.


If you don’t love all things pumpkin spice, apples or cloves give the Sweet Fig & Pomegranate scent ago. This is more of a fruity Fall scent with top notes of blackberry, fig, and raspberry mixed with pomegranate and vanilla bean. This is sure to conjure those warm, fuzzy Fall feelings with feeling like you’re living inside PSL nightmare.

Now that I’ve shared the scents my home will be full of this season, sound off in the comments below to share yours. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go and light up one of these candles and get my Fall on.






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