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I am Baymax, Your Personal Healthcare Companion

It’s no big secret that I have some issues with my legs as I’ve been pretty open on the chronic pain I experience. What you might not know is that when I visit the Disney Parks I use an ECV scooter. In fact I did a whole video on the subject and you can watch it here.

“I am Baymax, Your Personal Healthcare Companion”

On my last day at the parks on my most recent visit I decided to wander into the character meet & greet in Epcot that houses Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Joy & Sadness from Inside Out.

Baymax l Epcot l Walt Disney World

So there I am waiting in line for Baymax in my ECV, waiting my turn. My turn arrives and as I park and go to get out there is Baymax. At first I couldn’t figure out why he walked right up to my chair but then I realized, he was there to help me get out and walk.

Baymax l Epcot l Walt Disney World


Baymax l Epcot l Walt Disney World

See he is a personal health companion, so it’s in his programing to help out those injured. He came over, helped me stand and walk to the proper meet & greet spot, gave me a hug and scan and a fist bump Bada-lada-la!

Baymax l Epcot l Walt Disney World

Needless to say Baymax was the best character interaction I had that day and what a way to send me off, right!


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