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6 Products to Help Weather Proof & Repair Your Hair

Winter is proving its here to stay and thanks to these harsh winds, bitter temps, and the every present snow my hair has gone more once the thing of beauty to a dry, frizzy, and brittle mess. Since I am now day dreaming of spring I’ve put together a remedy plan to help weather proof my hair and put it on the road to recovery. So let’s begin.

I start off with the Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect shampoo to help not just cleanse my hair but this shampoo also helps to lock the moisture in. I’ve used this shampoo off and on for for a while now (usually when my hair starts looking damaged) and I’m always amazed with how my hair does a complete 180 afterwards. Instead of using the matching conditioner I’ve actually started using the new 3-Minute Miracle deep conditioning treatment from Aussie. I’ve alternated between the one for color-treated hair and the moisture formula. These quick but efective conditioners are great since I don’t have to worry about leaving them for 24 hourse or apply before I shampoo, just apply then do something like shave or wash your face/body, and its time to rinse out. If you hair is as damaged as mine was when I started it might take a few treatments to start to the feel the differece but one you do, its amazing how soft my hair is feeling.

Now to keep my hair all nice and protected during the day I relay on 3 differnt products. Before I start my blow-dry process I apply the Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry balm, this helps to keep that frizz under control for a healthier look. As I’m sectioning my hair off and blowing it dry I apply the Heat & Protect Spray from Vidal Sassoon, this will help my already damaged by providing a thermal protection plus who doesn’t love shiny hair?!

Finally, once I’m done with my style I have become addicted to the Weather Proof Spray from Big Sexy Hair. This magicial spray helps keep snow, rain, sleet, etc from killing my style and protecting my hair. Do note, this is not a hair spray and should be applied AFTER all other styling is done.

We have about 4 more weeks to go before spring is supposed to get so be sure to follow me on twitter at @entertainista to see how my hair recovery program is holding up.


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