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2014 TV Renewal Cheat Sheet

Between now and May, networks will start making the choice on whether shows keep on living for another season or will end their run.

Below is our cheat sheet for all shows on the four major networks, The CW, and Cable.  We will be updating this page as networks make their decisions, so be sure to bookmark or follow us on twitter via @Entertainista for the most up to date information.


  • Renewal Confirmed: The show lives to see another season
  • Looking Good: A renewal is all but confirmed
  • Pretty Safe: We expect a renewal, but anything could happen
  • 50/50: It good go either way
  • Doubtful: All that missing is the final nail in the coffen
  • Officially Canceled: The show is dead

Below is our up to date TV Renewal guide.

We will be continually updating this as networks pickup/cancel shows.

Basic Networks

ABC’s Marvels’ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Pretty Safe. Looking Good. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
The Assets: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Bachelor: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Bachelorette: Looking Good.
Back in the Game: Officially Canceled.
Betrayal: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Castle: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Dancing With the Stars: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Goldbergs: Pretty Safe. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Grey’s Anatomy: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Killer Women: TBA Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Last Man Standing: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Lucky 7: Officially Canceled.
The Middle: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Mistresses: Renewal Confirmed for Season 2
Mind Games: TBA. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Mixology: TBA Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Modern Family: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Nashville: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Neighbors: 50/50 Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Once Upon a Time: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Resurrection: TBA Doubtful [Limited Series Event]. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Revenge: Pretty Safe. Looking Good. Pretty Safe. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Scandal: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Suburgatory: TBA 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Super Fun Night: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Trophy Wife: 50/50 Pretty Safe. Officially Canceled.


2 Broke Girls: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Amazing Race: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Bad Teacher: TBA. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Big Bang Theory: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed through season 10 (3 more years)
Blue Bloods: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Criminal Minds: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Crazy Ones: 50/50. Pretty Safe. 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
CSI: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Elementary: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Friends with Better Lives: TBA. 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Good Wife: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Hawaii Five-0: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Hostages: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
How I Met Your Mother: Officially Canceled – Series finale airs this spring.
Intelligence: TBA. 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Mom: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Mentalist: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Mike & Molly: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Millers: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
NCIS: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
NCIS: Los Angeles: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Person of Interest: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Survivor: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Two and a Half Men: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Undercover Boss: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
We Are Men: Officially Canceled.

American Dad: Renewal Confirmed.
American Idol: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed
Almost Human: Pretty Safe. Officially Canceled
Bob’s Burgers: TBA
Bones: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
DADS: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Enlisted: TBA. 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Family Guy: Renewal Confirmed.
The Following: TBA. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Glee: Renewal Confirmed through Season 6.
Kitchen Nightmares: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Mindy Project: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
New Girl: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Raising Hope: 50/50. Officially Canceled, One hour series finale will air Friday, April 4.
Rake: TBA. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Simpsons: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Sleepy Hallow: Renewal Confirmed.
Surviving Jack: TBA. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The X Factor: 50/50. Officially Canceled


About A Boy: TBA. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Biggest Loser: Looking Good.
The Blacklist: Renewal Confirmed.
Believe: TBA. 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Celebrity Apprentice: TBA
Chicago Fire: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Chicago PD: TBA. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Community: 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Crisis: TBA. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Dracula: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Grimm: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Growing Up Fisher: TBA. Officially Canceled.
Hannibal: TBA. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Ironside: Officially Canceled.
Law & Order: SVU: 50/50. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Michael J. Fox Show: 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Parenthood: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed for Final Season.
Parks and Recreation: 50/50. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed for Final Season.
Revolution: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Sean Saves the World: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Voice: Renewal Confirmed till Season 5
Welcome to the Family: Officially Canceled.

The 100: TBA. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21 Confirmed
Arrow: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Beauty & the Beast: Looking Good. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Carrie Diaries: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Hart of Dixie: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
The Originals: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Reign: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Star Crossed: TBA. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Supernatural: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed
The Tomorrow People: 50/50. Officially Canceled.
The Vampire Diaries: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.

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